Medicine that awaits us in the near future is based on prevention, the care of people who are well and who want to continue to feel good, who want to live more but in good health and psycho-emotional balance. For decades, the World Health Organization, defined medical care as the “maintenance of the perfect state of psycho-physical health”.

“We cannot allow the status quo to remain undisputed as we see our loved ones suffer needlessly.

It is time to oppose, clear the field and take control of our health ”T. Colin Cambpell

The Olimed Medical Center operates through personalized Nutritional Consultations and Group Detoxifying Paths, these with free medical assistance. The base of this nutritional journey is a correct diet, followed by daily physical exercise, a mind set with positive thinking and the abandonment of toxic substances. Before having to resort to chemical and / or surgical therapies, the use of the correct nutrients and natural nutraceuticals is favored.

Everyone now talks about food, from all sides we are offered recipes and cooking classes, we are increasingly told that nutrition is an important factor in health and well-being. But which road should we take? Which diet? We work in this area and have been researching healthy nutrition for almost thirty years.

T.Colin Campbell states that “healthy eating, which can prevent, if not even cure, the majority of chronic diseases is plant and integral nutrition”.

Other fads and trend diets are constantly presented to us, often imposed by the mass media.

We have carried out our experimentation, we have developed our own method based on the verification of the effects, benefits and results: from the observation and study of nutrition in the pediatric age up to the importance of food in more advanced ages and in extreme pathological situations, such as chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular outcomes and neoplasms. Authors and scholars of great national fame such as Dr. Franco Berrino, have demonstrated with their research and through the creation of experimental “laboratories” that striking results can even be obtained in very widespread tumor forms, such as breast cancer (Studies DIANA).

This path has not always been easy and often, as true pioneers in the sector, we have been fought, hindered, ridiculed and even penalized. Now there is a swarm of “experts”, parvenus that ride the wave, transforming everything into a fashion but we must also recognize that there is a widespread feeling, a growing and uncontrollable awareness that is emerging and that will make this process unstoppable. “We need to be free – said Franco Berrino a few years ago on TV – and the alternative must be available even if there is still no availability”.

Now something is changing and availability is growing. The nutritional consultant, especially if a doctor, if  expert on this subject for decades in this sector, especially if he is consistently passionate about this method, is an important figure for the construction of the element that is now missing and must be consolidated: knowledge, awareness by the people of this subject. Through Olimed, Dr. Patrizio Hermes Barbon offers this opportunity, approach a healthy, correct and effective diet to achieve well-being and health.

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  • Detoxing Paths of Groups with free assistance

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