The “DETOX ROUTES” are the great phenomenon of recent times in the field of Health and Wellness. Not everyone, however, proposes paths that are as serious as they are simple and coherent, launching into “fashion” without having experience.  This is why we created EASYDETOX logo-detox, the true, correct detox method, created by the combination of high quality and effective nutraceutical product kits and many years of experience in the sector. We have based ourselves on the work of high-level scientists, anti-aging and prevention experts of higher mortality diseases that are linking the mechanisms that control aging, the most serious diseases and their relationship with what and how let’s eat.

Among these experts there is the Italian Valter Longo, professor of Bio-Gerontology at the Southern University of California. He owns the sensational discovery that performing a periodic “mima-fasting”, we obtain a “10-20% extension of our life span and up to a 50% reduction in tumors, cardio-vascular diseases and chronic diseases”. All this seems to be attributable, again according to Valter Longo, to “stem cell activation”. Based on these scientific studies, the Olimed Medical Center promotes and performs, on the whole Italian territory, easy-to-perform detox paths with extraordinary results in terms of well-being and health.  Valter Longo’s discoveries complete other studies of real luminaries on the subject, such as the great intuitions of Max Gerson, a doctor of Jewish origin, born and lived in Germany but then escaped and died in the United States, where he was literally “persecuted” for his too simple and little exploitable ideas. Of his invention are in fact important components, the detox paths, the so-called “live juices”, better known today as “Fruit and vegetable extracts”. There is a great spread of these extracts today. However, we have also benefited from the studies of Hiromi Shinya on the Enzyme Factor, by Andreas Moritz on the Hepatic Washing and by Catherine Kousmine on Intestinal Washing.

All treatments follow the methodology of natural remedies and metabolic activation techniques according to the laws of nature and at the base of the paths there is the philosophy of “Lifestyles”, understood as the ethics of a correct introduction of food, of a constant physical activity, combating harmful substances and positive mindset.  On these experiences, acquired in over thirty years of study, Dr. Patrizio Hermes Barbon developed, tested and launched a concept that is as easy as it is effective, called EASYDETOX. The method is revolutionary due to the results it allows to reach and test directly on the part of the person performing it, from the first day. These are physical, metabolic, bio-humoral, psycho-emotional and sensitive evidences of incredible importance. Countless are the testimonies gathered and documented so far (see Very effective tools (a simple travel diary) as well as the help and support (free) by tutors and by Dr. Barbon himself, allow to run the route not only with great simplicity but also great effectiveness. Everything is studied and prepared in every detail, every step is accompanied by guides formed by doctors.The EasyDetox course can be performed for the most varied personalized goals: to lose weight, to increase sports performance, to have more energy and mental clarity, to acquire more self-awareness, to reduce tummy and “handles”, to learn to listen to your own body, etc … Surely everyone will be amazed by the results obtained, the perfect satisfaction of their goals. All in a few days: the first route lasts, in fact, only nine days.

Behind these results there are years of experimentation (at the Nutraceutical research center in Phoenix, where Dr. Patrizio Hermes Barbon was able to meet Nobel prizes and their research) years of observations on the products of nature used (always Dr. Barbon himself  visited the crops and checked the processing chains of the plants used).

Those who decide to do an Easydetox course must therefore know that behind all this experience, all these studies, all this professionalism. Not to be neglected is the component of psycho-emotional change that occurs in the detox pathways, managed and guided by the “sharing” method. This too arises from decades of experience performed by Dr. Barbon in the areas of sharing groups and fasting-advanced therapy, with masters of the sector.

Those who wish to become an EasyDetox Itinerary GUIDE, a HEALTH COUNSELOR, can contact the free school at HERMESACADEMY

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