PEDIATRICS and is an expert in CONSULENCE OF NUTRITION, both PEDIATRIC and ADULT. He directs the Holistic Medical Center OLIMED of Silea (TV), where IDROCOLONTERAPY is also practiced. He has worked directly for some years with an important international company, a world leader in the field of nutraceuticals for health and well-being, in which, together with his wife, Maria Luisa Zaza, he currently holds the office of Sapphire Manager. He is also member of the Scientific Committee.
_DSC2910 Their mission, in the context of this latest position, becomes concrete through the establishment of HERMESGROUP, a large team that places at the center of its objectives the “diffusion of the culture of Aloe and Nutraceuticals as an integral part of a natural, detoxifying and preventive Lifestyle, lived in first person and witnessed ”, realized through training and information continuous.

So far, there have been more than 15,000 subscribers and they are growing every month; many of them enjoy safe, qualified and gratified work with growing success.

As Training Managers, Patrizio Hermes and Maria Luisa, are constantly looking for other human resources who intend to undertake this new professional activity of wellness operator who, through on-going training on products, holistic and communication, intends to enter the fantastic world of wellness and health, as “Health Manager” or as “Life Style Coach”.



    Since 1985, Dr. Patrizio Hermes Barbon has been making Nutritional Guidelines, for any pathological and / or sintomatological condition. He is also an expert in VEGETARIAN, VEGAN, AND MACROBIOTIC NUTRITIONAL CONSULTING.
    He has now also been appointed Nutrition Expert for LILT (Italian League for the Fight against Cancer), for which he advises at the Treviso office.


    For years he has been an expert about the second brain and the colon hydrotherapy, which he performs on adults and, if necessary, on children and pregnant women. The cleaning of the large intestine is an exceptional natural practice, performed all over the world, which highlights the specific nature of the “In – Testino”, also known as “second head – inside”. The benefits of this therapy are uncountable and can promote a true lifestyle change. The technique is very simple, effective and painless, if done by trained professionals.


    More and more we hear about DETOX ROUTES but not all of them offer a complete path, as serious as simple.

    This is why we created “EASYDETOX”, the true, correct detox method. We relied on the work of high-level scientists, experts in anti-aging and prevention of diseases with higher mortality like Valter Longo, a professor of Bio-Gerontology at the Southern University of Califoria.His sensational discovery that by performing a periodic “mima-fasting” you get a “10-20% extension of our life span and up to a 50% reduction in tumors, cardio-vascular diseases and chronic illnesses, thanks to the consequent activation of the stamina cells ”. Based on these scientific studies, the Olimed Medical Center promotes and performs, on the whole Italian territory, detox paths of easy execution and extraordinary results in terms of well-being and health. Route assistance is free.

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