Antibiotics in chicken. Antibi-otic resistance alarm!

Here we go again..

The serious risk to public health reappears due to the high levels of antibiotics in the blood. Spotlights are once again focused on chickens and turkeys: according to a recent report by the Ministry of Health, chicken meats present very high levels of antibiotic resistance.

Also this year the Ministry of Health reaffirms that there is red alert for white meat: too many antibiotics administered to the animals, with a consequent double alarm. First for the presence of antibiotics and second for the effects that that presence induces. We are talking not only about chickens but also turkeys and more generally also poultry breeding for human nutrition.

The current situation has been defined ” very worring” by the National Order of Veterinarians and the Italian Ministry of Health also expresses itself that, through the publication of a detailed Report on the subject, denounces very high levels high antibiotic resistance in white meats.

The investigations conducted on some samples taken from different national farms show that almost 13% were positive for Salmonella, the 73% to Camylobacter, 95% to Escherichia Coli; worrying levels.

In recent decades, in fact, breeders are forced to administer increasingly potent anibotic to animals, which however are less and less effective, trying to stem the growing infections, which are mostly related to the spaces in which the animals are raised (even 20 beasts per square meters).     As recently as five months ago, we were informed by another great and authoritative organization, the World Health Organization (WHO), that red meat and sausages are carcinogenic, on a par with asbestos and cigarette smoke.   All foods now, as well as the water we drink and the air we breathe, are considered to be of much lower quality than in the past, if not accused of being of poor quality and suspected source of increasingly frequent diseases .

What can we do? How can we defend ourselves?

We certainly have more and more awareness of the importance of life styles. An increasingly large number of people become more aware of how the time to change our eating and living habits has come, even though many are still the skeptics: the opponents, the resisters. What the bodies say, authoritative and “scientific” reputed, such as the WHO and the Ministry of Health, when it comes to tackling the cause of vaccines and / or defending GMO cultivation, has no basis followed when the news and the emerging evidence are linked to a healthier diet.

A very effective thing is certainly to make a feeding and lifestyle setup, through an experience called “detox path”. Our experience in this is that short periods of this type can give results defined as “eclaters”, initiating the person into a unique and exhilarating regenerative path.   About this, scientific studies of great importance, such as those carried out in California by Valter Longo, show that detoxifying pathways, called “mima-fasting”, can bring incredible improvements to the body, “with a decrease of up to 50% of neoplasms and chronic diseases and with very superior effects ”. The scientific foundation of this effect would be found in the modification of particular stem cells.


EasyDetox, our sensational detoxing method, is therefore encountering an increasingly credible foundation in the discoveries of science.

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