• Among the innumerable plants, true gifts of nature, one in particular stands out for millions of years: the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, the queen of medicinal plants.
  • This Liliacea has some unique and unrepeatable characteristics due to its contents (more than 200 elements useful to us, of which about seventy are considered primary), due to its adaptive action (interacts directly with the problem presented by the human body) and also for the synergistic action of its elements.
  • It is used to repeat that Aloe Vera is a phytocomplex and that its characteristic and strength of phytotherapeutic remedy lies above all in the synergistic action, “team”, of the different molecules present in it.
  • An internal element among all is certainly the Acemannano, which is implicated in numerous scientific studies that document the extraordinary and legendary efficacy of this gel. If we then turn to a world leader company that has made this gel subject of study, experimentation and above all attention to detail, from cultivation to packaging, we get products of unique quality, extraordinary effects, and incomparable purity.
  • Dr. Barbon personally visited the cultivations of this great company, located in the southern hemisphere of the earth (the least polluted), he saw the phases of collection and immediate processing of the leaves and the use of methodologies and products as much as possible???
  • The special method of elimination of aloins, (specific toxic antratinquinones present in some parts of the leaf) and on the other hand the patents (unique in the world) on the one hand are the flagships of this special processing method. Prerequisites to ensure that the aloe gel juice that arrives in the fridges of the world is the purest and most suitable for the gel extracted from the plant.
  • Among the specific actions most documented at the level of scientific studies, the anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal actions are recalled. Of considerable importance is also the soothing, ustounding, anti-inflammatory and legendary healing ability.
  • If we talk about content, there are countless minerals, vitamins (including the very useful vitamin B12), enzymes and coenzymes. As confirmation of the action on energy performance, it should also be remembered that aloe contains 20 amino acids (almost all of them), including 8 essential ones.
  • In the composition of specific therapeutic adjuvants, there are many other nutrients, which contain very famous active substances, including arginine, hyaluronic acid, ginkgo biloba, mangosteen, guarana, propolis, coenzyme q10, lycium, garcinia, opuntia and probiotics.
  • All these specific substances, well combined or assembled, constitute adjuvant pathways, more commonly called adjuvant programs, advisable by properly trained and trained consultants, to support people wishing to carry out prevention or accompany their medical treatment already in place as supports.
  • The high beneficial value of the pharmaceutical and its perfect adherence to the principles of naturalness mean that, combined with correct lifestyles programs, they can give results in detoxifying terms and in terms of mini energy drugs.
  • By helping all people to achieve well-being and health through the use of aloe and nutraceuticals, all wellness operators will have the opportunity to reach, in addition to health well-being, also the one that is professionally rewarding and profitable.

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